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Monday, September 30, 2013

October Nail Challenge

Alright, it will be October tomorrow and as promised here is a glance at our nail art challenge for the month. Are you ready? I can't wait to see what others come up with, so remember to share what you did! (links to facebook, instagram etc.. or just add the picture in the comments below)

     I did not come up with this I came across it  when I googled and searched under photos. I liked this one because it wasn't an every day thing. I didn't think I wanted to try changing my nail polish every day for 31 days. Have fun with this, see you tomorrow for day one!
 I find I have more readers on wordpress so you will find these HERE .

Friday, September 27, 2013

My First Influenster box

    I got my very first voxbox from Influenster this last past week. I  was so excited to be selected to try something out. The best part, it was FREE!To be selected for a voxbox you have to active on the website. Influenster will send you surveys via email to qualify for their voxboxes. I had previously done some surveys and  hadn't been chosen for the boxes so this time around when I was sent the survey I wasn't sure I even wanted to do it. I thought "why bother I wont get it" I am so glad I took that survey! a few weeks later I received another email from influenster saying "Congratulation you have been selected"! I was so excited I couldn't wait to get the box, I kept checking the tracking number to see if it was any closer to arriving.

                                                       Here it is, the SlimSoft voxbox!

                     I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

   In this box I got one Colgate slimsoft toothbrush. This brush  has gliding tips that are 17x slimmer bristles than other brushes that are meant for a deeper clean. So it says on the package. I honestly have not tried this toothbrush out yet. I just bout a new toothbrush right before I knew I was selected for this voxbox. I am not the type of person to just throw out perfectly good/new items. However I can not wait to open this puppy and use it. It looks so soft and I have read some good reviews on influenster from other people who HAVE used it already.

        The other two items  in this package were samples of the total advanced whitening toothpaste and the total pro-sheild mouthwash. The I have used and love! The toothpaste  claims  to help remove and prevent stains, cavities,gingivitis, plaques, tartar etc. basically everything you read on every other brand of toothpaste. Now I don't know if it really does all that but I do know that I like the way my teeth feel after using it. You know that CLEAN feeling you get after brushing, who doesn't like that feeling? After using the mouthwash I know I will be purchasing this product because I liked how the mouthwash didn't burn my gums while using it and the peppermint flavor wasn't over powering and really did leave my breath smelling fresh.


Update (two hours later):

     I wasn't going to open it yet because the toothbrush I have was recently purchased so I wasn't ready for a new one yet. However I couldn't write a review without testing it out. I popped that baby out and I'm glad I did! It is so soft, it felt great on my gums. I also love how thin the top is I can actually get my back teeth with out opening my mouth in awkward ways just to get it back there. I will be using my previous toothbrush to  clean the cracks around the house.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Up and Coming Challenge

    I have seen over the past year or so many challenges for the beauty world. I had decided on giving it a try myself. Once I decided that I would be going with nail polish/art I had to chose what month, how many days, weeks or months long to make. I ended up going with the Halloween theme and oh man is October fast approaching. I had hoped by the time it came around to doing the challenge that I would have me followers to be active in sharing what they came up with. I will NOT let this stop me however, as I do love o paint my nails. It is the main "girly" thing I like to do. If your interested me follow, share and feel welcome to comment. I will be back on the first to share!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Too Early


      I am thinking I should go back to bed and try again in a couple of hour. I get up this morning as usual and go fill the coffee pot up,so I think. I go wake up the kids as the pot is brewing and when I go to grab a cup of my delicious coffee I find  HOT WATER! Oh my I completely forgot to add the coffee. That can not be a good sign of how my day is going to go. Please tell me someone else out there has done this before?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Nail of The Day

update: 9/19   just noticed the price has been knocked down on these!!!

I have seen all those fingernail stick on polish’s and have wanted to try them out. However, paying $10 for a one time use just didn’t seem worth it.
     Well one day as I was scrolling along on ebay I came across some for $3.99. Not only did they look similar to the sally hansen and essie brands but hey the cost was way less! I didn't buy them right away because i still wasn't sure if id like them. After about a weeks worth of consideration I decided to order some.
   Yesterday I was so excited to get them in the mail! I love them so far. They have bling! The greenish colored stones do stick out so hey, I match my bling cell phone case :)
  The process was so much faster and easier than painting my nails with polish and waiting hours for it to completely dry. Why hadn’t I tried this concept out sooner? Oh ya right, the price! Glad I found some cheap ones. Anywho, all you do is clean your nails really well, match the size of the sticker to your nails and press them on. Then bend whats left hanging off your nail over the tip of your nail and file off, its that simple. Now the true test is….will they last a long time before chipping or pealing off? Guess ill check back in, in a few days to let you know. If you have used sally, essie or any other brand of nail stickers let me know how you liked or disliked them.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

for real its free?

      Have you ever heard of a site were you can get things for free? I'm not talking about all those freebie sample sites. Its more like  an ebay style site were people post their unwanted items, kind of like craigslist only you bid on stuff and a lot of times its free shipping. I just found out about this site this morning. You can check it out by clicking HERE its called listia. If you have tried is what would you say you like and/or dislike about it?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Julep Maven Box

   Last week I got a code, I believe from the All You website, for a free Julep Maven box. I have been following Julep on twitter for some time now and  wanted to try out their products just didn't have the money really to do so. So I was excited to use this code, all I had to do was pay the $3.99 shipping & handling fee. If that's all I had to pay to get three full sized products sent to me I was in!     
    Today when checking the mail, there it was. Wow, that came faster than I had expected. Here is the unveiling of my products: (sorry about the pictures I took them on my cell next time I'll dig out the camera)


I have not tested them out yet, but when I do I plan to make a review. Here is the first product I pulled out. Mint Condition Pedi Crème. It exfoliates and hydrates. Perfect for my feet :)

I loved the pretty pink packaging they placed the polish in. Very girly. Under the ribbon they placed a sample of their Glycolic hand scrub.

No the most exciting part of the box for me of course is the nail polish. I am a polish addict! lol cheaper than being a makeup hog.

On the left is the color Marion, I guess its from the "it girl" collection? On the right is Courteney from "boho glam". Now both of these seem smaller than the polish bottles that I normally buy but I am hoping they go on nice and smooth with only one application so that way it will last me some time.

 If you want to get more information and possibly sign up to be a Julep Maven, you can check out my link here! It's a referral link (referral code 22794156) , so if you sign up through my link, I get points that I can use towards future Julep purchases. So everyone wins! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Girly Day

      During the summer vacation do you find yourself spending  some girl time with your little ones?

    Today was spent with my eight year old doing our hair, putting makeup on and of course who can forget to paint their nails! :)

We used Sally hansen Insta-dri in Presto Pink and Silver Sweep

OPI Nicole Razzle Dazzler (black) I think opi is my favorite brand so far. That may change when my julep package arrives and I get to try the polish out for the first time.

Top coat was wet and wild shine

  I have to say I usually do not care for Sally hansens cheap polish but the insta-Dri's go on smoothly, no smears or bubbles and I think it has to do with how wide the brush is, it covers more area with less swipes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Job hunting

    Searching for work this day and age just seems harder than it really should be. When I got my first job it was easy, I was 18 walked in the store, asked for an application, met the manager and bam got an interview on the spot and was highered a few days later. Now fast forward oh lets say 13 years later and everything has changed. Now most places want you to fill out an application online. Almost immediately I get back an email saying "sorry you don't match what we are looking for" or something along those lines. The ones that don't send an immediate email, I get my hopes up and think "maybe this is the one" Then a week or so later I get the let down letter in my email. Oh man this is getting to be so irritating!  Someone please give me a chance. The fact that I have been a stay at home parent for the past 7 years has really made finding work so hard. Who wants to hire someone who hasn't worked? Its not like I have been in jail or have been fired from every job I've had, no its just a large gap in my employment history and apparently that says "I wont last long so don't hire me".

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


                Its been awhile since I've wanted to write on this blog. When I first joined I thought this would be a fun experience and a great way to share things I try, like, and dislike. However, I got busy with other things and forgot to make posts. After awhile I just didn't know what to post about, what interests my readers? As of yet I do not think I have any readers and that is no fault but my own. Maybe I need to do some research on how to get a great blog that'll pull people in and want to know what I've written about.

          Now that I'm coming up on the end of school I was thinking, "what do I do now?" I mean beside the everyday house cleaning and taking care of my family. I have this blog and maybe now is a good time to figure out how it works, and start writing!