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Friday, September 27, 2013

My First Influenster box

    I got my very first voxbox from Influenster this last past week. I  was so excited to be selected to try something out. The best part, it was FREE!To be selected for a voxbox you have to active on the website. Influenster will send you surveys via email to qualify for their voxboxes. I had previously done some surveys and  hadn't been chosen for the boxes so this time around when I was sent the survey I wasn't sure I even wanted to do it. I thought "why bother I wont get it" I am so glad I took that survey! a few weeks later I received another email from influenster saying "Congratulation you have been selected"! I was so excited I couldn't wait to get the box, I kept checking the tracking number to see if it was any closer to arriving.

                                                       Here it is, the SlimSoft voxbox!

                     I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

   In this box I got one Colgate slimsoft toothbrush. This brush  has gliding tips that are 17x slimmer bristles than other brushes that are meant for a deeper clean. So it says on the package. I honestly have not tried this toothbrush out yet. I just bout a new toothbrush right before I knew I was selected for this voxbox. I am not the type of person to just throw out perfectly good/new items. However I can not wait to open this puppy and use it. It looks so soft and I have read some good reviews on influenster from other people who HAVE used it already.

        The other two items  in this package were samples of the total advanced whitening toothpaste and the total pro-sheild mouthwash. The I have used and love! The toothpaste  claims  to help remove and prevent stains, cavities,gingivitis, plaques, tartar etc. basically everything you read on every other brand of toothpaste. Now I don't know if it really does all that but I do know that I like the way my teeth feel after using it. You know that CLEAN feeling you get after brushing, who doesn't like that feeling? After using the mouthwash I know I will be purchasing this product because I liked how the mouthwash didn't burn my gums while using it and the peppermint flavor wasn't over powering and really did leave my breath smelling fresh.


Update (two hours later):

     I wasn't going to open it yet because the toothbrush I have was recently purchased so I wasn't ready for a new one yet. However I couldn't write a review without testing it out. I popped that baby out and I'm glad I did! It is so soft, it felt great on my gums. I also love how thin the top is I can actually get my back teeth with out opening my mouth in awkward ways just to get it back there. I will be using my previous toothbrush to  clean the cracks around the house.



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