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Thursday, August 15, 2013

for real its free?

      Have you ever heard of a site were you can get things for free? I'm not talking about all those freebie sample sites. Its more like  an ebay style site were people post their unwanted items, kind of like craigslist only you bid on stuff and a lot of times its free shipping. I just found out about this site this morning. You can check it out by clicking HERE its called listia. If you have tried is what would you say you like and/or dislike about it?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Julep Maven Box

   Last week I got a code, I believe from the All You website, for a free Julep Maven box. I have been following Julep on twitter for some time now and  wanted to try out their products just didn't have the money really to do so. So I was excited to use this code, all I had to do was pay the $3.99 shipping & handling fee. If that's all I had to pay to get three full sized products sent to me I was in!     
    Today when checking the mail, there it was. Wow, that came faster than I had expected. Here is the unveiling of my products: (sorry about the pictures I took them on my cell next time I'll dig out the camera)


I have not tested them out yet, but when I do I plan to make a review. Here is the first product I pulled out. Mint Condition Pedi Crème. It exfoliates and hydrates. Perfect for my feet :)

I loved the pretty pink packaging they placed the polish in. Very girly. Under the ribbon they placed a sample of their Glycolic hand scrub.

No the most exciting part of the box for me of course is the nail polish. I am a polish addict! lol cheaper than being a makeup hog.

On the left is the color Marion, I guess its from the "it girl" collection? On the right is Courteney from "boho glam". Now both of these seem smaller than the polish bottles that I normally buy but I am hoping they go on nice and smooth with only one application so that way it will last me some time.

 If you want to get more information and possibly sign up to be a Julep Maven, you can check out my link here! It's a referral link (referral code 22794156) , so if you sign up through my link, I get points that I can use towards future Julep purchases. So everyone wins!