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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Job hunting

    Searching for work this day and age just seems harder than it really should be. When I got my first job it was easy, I was 18 walked in the store, asked for an application, met the manager and bam got an interview on the spot and was highered a few days later. Now fast forward oh lets say 13 years later and everything has changed. Now most places want you to fill out an application online. Almost immediately I get back an email saying "sorry you don't match what we are looking for" or something along those lines. The ones that don't send an immediate email, I get my hopes up and think "maybe this is the one" Then a week or so later I get the let down letter in my email. Oh man this is getting to be so irritating!  Someone please give me a chance. The fact that I have been a stay at home parent for the past 7 years has really made finding work so hard. Who wants to hire someone who hasn't worked? Its not like I have been in jail or have been fired from every job I've had, no its just a large gap in my employment history and apparently that says "I wont last long so don't hire me".


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