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A little About Me

         Well what is it you really want to know about me? When writing posts like these I often wonder, “who is actually going to read this?” and “Do they really even care?” lol In interviews I LOATHE entirely {the Grinch voice} the “Tell me about yourself” question. SO why here and why now will I tell you about myself? Because the blog asked me too. Who knows maybe someone out there is truly interested in who I am, what I do and what my likes are.
     Without giving out too much personal information I’ll start by saying that I am a mother of two wonderful children {do we all say that about our own?}. My oldest is a boy and our baby is a girl and they are complete opposites in every area, he is shy and she isn’t in the slightest. I could go on and on about my children, as most parents I’m sure do but I wont. At least not today anyway.
       I am married, going on 11 years this month {2013}. I actually met my husband when I was in 9th and he was in 8th grade. We dated off and on like most teenagers do and then we tied the knot right out of high school. He is my best friend, my comforter, my everything. I can not imagine life without him, I mean who would make me laugh when I really want to be angry lol and who would do all the dirty jobs around the house? No but seriously I love him more than words can express and all those other sappy/cheesy phrases out there.
          What more is there to say about me? I am a family kind of gal, everything I do revolves around them. My kids like sports so I guess I’m a soccer type mom who drives my kids to practice, games, school events etc… I love to read a good book that grabs your attention and you just don’t want to put it down. My newest try on a hobby is crocheting. I made a blanket for my son because he had asked me to its not the greatest but he loves it and that’s all that matters, now I’m onto one for my daughter. My favorite color is green and has been since, oh gosh like 3rd grade. I love cats, frogs, anything girly. I may not be a high maintenance chic but I still love all the fashion, make-up and hair.
Well I think that about enough of me for now. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me anything. Hope your day is Amazing!

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