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Monday, July 29, 2013

Girly Day

      During the summer vacation do you find yourself spending  some girl time with your little ones?

    Today was spent with my eight year old doing our hair, putting makeup on and of course who can forget to paint their nails! :)

We used Sally hansen Insta-dri in Presto Pink and Silver Sweep

OPI Nicole Razzle Dazzler (black) I think opi is my favorite brand so far. That may change when my julep package arrives and I get to try the polish out for the first time.

Top coat was wet and wild shine

  I have to say I usually do not care for Sally hansens cheap polish but the insta-Dri's go on smoothly, no smears or bubbles and I think it has to do with how wide the brush is, it covers more area with less swipes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Job hunting

    Searching for work this day and age just seems harder than it really should be. When I got my first job it was easy, I was 18 walked in the store, asked for an application, met the manager and bam got an interview on the spot and was highered a few days later. Now fast forward oh lets say 13 years later and everything has changed. Now most places want you to fill out an application online. Almost immediately I get back an email saying "sorry you don't match what we are looking for" or something along those lines. The ones that don't send an immediate email, I get my hopes up and think "maybe this is the one" Then a week or so later I get the let down letter in my email. Oh man this is getting to be so irritating!  Someone please give me a chance. The fact that I have been a stay at home parent for the past 7 years has really made finding work so hard. Who wants to hire someone who hasn't worked? Its not like I have been in jail or have been fired from every job I've had, no its just a large gap in my employment history and apparently that says "I wont last long so don't hire me".