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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mt. Pisgah

I haven't been keeping up on this blog thing :) i'm not sure what to write about to gain followers. The main reason i got a blogger account was just so I could see a friend of mines blog updates on her house being built. Also so I could leave comments on other peoples blogs that I kept coming to and sometimes i would have a question i'd like to ask or a page i wanted to come back to later on.

    Anyways.....Hope you all have been enjoying some nice weather. This last Saturday we decided to finally go on a hike up Mt Pisgah. My son and I have been talking about going there for months now. Wow i had no idea what I was getting us all into lol

                                              As we walked up this steep  path we had to make many stops to catch our        breath and drink some water. We enjoyed the view and of course i had to take a picture or two!
(the date is wrong apparently on my camera as it was the 19th when we went)

We are getting so close! our daughter who is seven really didn't want  to go any further. But we convinced her to keep going. We girls did some complaining along the way im not even going to lie lol it was hard work!

Look at that view from the top? oh how i wish my camera could have captured the real beauty of what we got to see. This dose not do it justice. We got to see some parachute's while we sat up there.
I think it took us a little more than an hour to get there. At the top we enjoyed the break, had lunch and prepared for our walk  down.

It was much faster on our way down 
(slow down,wait for me!)

I can not wait for our next trip up this beautiful mountain. We will try a different trail and will know more of what to expect.


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