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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Solid shampoo....say what?

KI have heard of shampoo bars before but never really gave them any thought because thats just weird, right?  

 Since I became a Perfectly Posh consultant ( ) I have decided to try every single product we have to offer! By doing this I can give my customers my honest opinion instead of searching for others. 

 Now let me introduce you to the BOOM Bar! 

  Now I am only on day two with this product so I will try and keep you up to date on my hair proccess and personal preferance. 

 The Boom bar is said to be vegan, safe on most color treated hair, natural, no color added, and has essential oil for fregrance.  Its suppose to be a deep clean and give mega volume.

  Day one I liked the smell of it and was nervous to give it a go. I mean who uses a solid soap to wash their hair? I figured my hair would be greasy as all get out but surprisingly enough my hair looked healthy and clean, just as if i used regular liquid shampoo.

 Now day two.... Not as satisfied as I was the previous day. My hair doesnt LOOK greasy but it sure feels heavy, greasy, overall just not very clean. In the mirror itdoesn't  look real bad but the texture isn't  what I like that's for sure. 

 I have read that your hair can go through a transitional faze when switching from a regular store brand to a bar without the sulfates and other additives. I am not 100% on this but maybe that's what my hair is starting to go through.....? I will just have to keep going and time will tell.

  Day 3: Today I decided to rub the bar along my hairline and then on top of my head instead of lathering it in my hands first then applying to my hair. It seemed to work a lot better this way. After working it in I let it sit for a bit. This time rinsed what seemed to be longer than the previous mornings. My hair still doesn't look greasy and it feels better than it did yesterday, but I still feel a small "uncleanliness"in the back, only way I can describe it. I think I will give this bar about a week to get the hang of it. My hair doesn't look as frizzy as normal so I like that.

It is now May 5th and I am still using the boom bar. I have been loving this the more I use it. My hair no longer has the weird texture and feels great! I have been using a little conditioner on my ends. I love how I wake up in the morning and my hair isnt geasy at all. I have struggled with oily hair for years! Well, no more :)


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